Jo Webnar   Author / Freelance Writer
Welcome to the wacky world and incredible fantasies of Jo Webnar. I'm an author
and freelance writer living a dream aboard a 36' trawler with my adorable husband, John, and a rambunctious Portuguese Water Dog named Takoda.
    I met John in Waukegan Harbor where we both sailed.  He is a cross between a Tasmanian Devil and a handsome pirate. Once I convinced him to marry me, our life
became a continuous adventure.        
   Several years ago, we decided to leave our stressful careers for a simpler life. Although
our 4 adult children wanted to go with us, we managed to sneak away during the night.
We sold or gave away everything we owned and moved aboard the Jolly Mon.
  The boat shrinks every year, but we still enjoy the cruising life. Several months out of the year, we  workkamp (volunteer for free camping ) in our 35 foot motorhome.
It has been a rich opportunity for meeting characters and acquiring settings for my novels.
  Our permanent marina is in the Florida Keys.  Once you visit "My Backyard" you will understand why.
Fighting Breast Cancer One Day At A Time

Nominated for Best Thriller by Preditors and Editors  
Covey Award for Most Intriguing Trailer
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