Ms. Webnar has written an intriguing tale of a psychic, an FBI agent, and a terrorist plot. While the reader might first think—isn’t this predictable?—one soon learns the story is no ordinary one. She has a style of writing which pulls in the reader, with snappy dialogue, natural actions, and vivid depictions of the characters and scenes, without being overly verbose. The reader will appreciate the correct, authentic jargon and tools which are the mainstay of law enforcement units. Be prepared for an exciting, surprising conclusion.

The hero and heroine in SAVING TAMPA are believable, yet unique, and even show a human, vulnerable side. Rachel and Hawk draw in the reader, not only to cheer them on in their quest, but also to participate in the unfolding love and devotion they eventually share. What good romance—suspense or otherwise—would offer anything less?

Congratulations to Jo Webnar on an excellent novel. This reviewer highly recommends it to anyone, whether or not suspense is the genre of choice.

Reviewed by Celia Yeary  WRDF Review

Book Cove Reviews

“Ingenious, delightful, and explosive, I want more.”
ISBN-13:  978-098155-736-6
Thanks for letting me review this book, I loved it.

M. Wolmarans-Kossman "Moonmonika"  (Universe-Earth)    

Curl up with this book on a rainy afternoon, make sure you've cleared your calendar, order pizza/Chinese for dinner, and read the book in one go. It's that good. Hoping to read more from this author.

    Gerri Bowen "Contributing author in BLUE MOON.
Saving Tampa grabbed me in the beginning and did not let go until the end. I wanted more...

     Diane Davis White
     Author, Moon of the Falling Leaves

Saving Tampa is an outstanding read....The twists and turns in this thriller keep you reading to the very end. I hope to read more of Jo Webnar--an up and coming mystery
writer--for sure. This reviewer gives her  two thumbs up!

     J. L. Peters  (Live Oak, FL USA)
From the moment you start reading Saving Tampa you won't be able to put it down. The heroine and hero were loveable and the villians chilled your heart. The ending will have you sitting on the end of your seat and cheering for them to win. Saving Tampa sent a chill up my spine and touched my heart as well. I highly recommend this book!!

     hurricane "hurricane"  (boise id usa)
...I am not normally a contemporary fan but Jo Webnar has turned that around. I cannot wait to read more of this talented author's work.
Hi everyone, "Saving Tampa" just got a great review from Long and Short Reviews.

Saving Tampa" is an absolute page turner; not only does the thrill of the threat pervade every page, but the challenges to the emotions, beliefs and abilities of the main character Rachel are relentless. The many smaller threads within this really flesh out the story, like that little hint of attraction between Rachel and 'her' special agent. We don't even know if we should hope for them to get together, or if their personal life should be important at all; because, indeed, the two of them are a little busy with saving the world.
Rachel is a caring and driven person ... and Hawk (Agent Arrons) is devilishly attractive. No matter how much you love mysteries and will be moment-to-moment anticipating their investigative efforts, savoring the romance will be part of the reading pleasure here.
Secondary characters, including Ralph the dog, round out the story beautifully, with deft touches of humor and-or insight. Realistic scenarios play out among the many characters, and even relatively minor relationships (like Hawk's with his ex-partner Soderland) will prove important. The operations of FBI headquarters in Florida, and specific places- like among the boats at the marina, are realistic and interesting.” Saving Tampa" is a great read, with wide appeal. Webnar's ability to create engaging characters is eclipsed only by the power and pace of her storyline.